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How to Choose the Right Picture Frame for Your Painting

When you find the perfect painting, it doesn’t always come in the perfect frame. In fact, you will probably need to get the frame restored or swapped out to make the painting look its best. In this post, we’ll give you our top tips as art gallery owners in Bromsgrove for choosing the right picture frame for your artwork.

1. Don’t focus on style

Although the style of the frame is important, there are some functional considerations that come first. Are you transporting the picture? If so, you’ll need to choose a lighter frame to make this easier.

Does the painting need to be protected? You’ll need to think about specialist glass to protect it.

Finally, where will it be hung? A lighter frame might be needed for some walls, and different sizes will be needed to present it best.

This is the important information we can talk through with you when you get your artwork framed with us as Artyfacts in Bromsgrove.

2. Compliment the era

Paintings always look their best when they’re in a frame from the correct era. Do some research on the painting to find out which era it’s from and then look at framed examples for inspiration. This type of frame will be sensitive to the period and compliment the feeling of the painting.

3. Choose the right type of glazing

There are different types of glazing available when framing a painting. The most popular are standard glass, non-reflective glass, UV protective glass, and Perspex.

The one you choose will depend on your budget and the size of your painting. Very large paintings are often too large for standard glass. Whereas non-reflective and UV protective options can be more expensive.

We’ll give you our opinion on the best and most affordable glazing options when we frame your picture for you.

4. Go for the unconventional

There’s no need to choose a standard frame for paintings. There are decorative options, box frames, different mounts, colours, and styles all available.

Your eye should always be drawn to the artwork when it’s framed, and then the frame should be looked at and the painting admired as a whole. So it’s important to find a frame that you love.

Bespoke art framing in Bromsgrove

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