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7 Reasons to Buy Local Artwork

Whether you’re looking for new art for your home or office in Bromsgrove, it’s easy to head to Google and peruse the big-name stores. But have you thought about buying local artwork by talented artists? At our art gallery in Bromsgrove, we showcase local artists and, in this post, we’ll give you seven important reasons why you should support local.

Unbeaten quality

Most big-named stores sell mass-produced artwork that cost pennies to produce in a factory. Not only is the quality terrible, but it often steals ideas from small, independent artists and then makes it impossible for them to compete on pricing.

When you buy from local artists, you can hand-made, quality artwork that you’ll have for a lifetime. Local artists take pride in producing quality pieces for customers, and that’s reflected in the artwork you get.

Better customer service

When you come to our local gallery to look for artwork, you can get expert advice on what to buy, what works for your budget, and the different styles. Not to mention, you can talk directly to the artists and hear about their process.

Many of the artists we feature here at Artyfacts in Bromsgrove take commissions for portraits too, which is a wonderful way to decorate your home.

Money invested in your community

It’s tough for independent artists to compete with giant superstores, but when you choose to invest your money in their artwork, you’re investing in your own community. That money cycles back into your local economy and everyone does better for it.

Relatable artwork

Local artists often use local landmarks and scenery as inspiration, so you’ll have a much stronger connection to the artwork. We are always blown away by the stunning pieces local artists bring to the gallery, and we’re sure you’ll also find the pieces relatable and truly unique.

Unique art no one else has

Another big issue with mass-produced artwork is that everyone ends up with the same stuff. Our homes start to look soulless and we lose that unique essence that makes us all special.

When you buy local art, you know you’re getting something unique that no one else has. And when someone visits, they’ll immediately see the unique beauty of your piece and want to know where you got it.

Your local gallery in Bromsgrove

What could be better than having a local source of artwork on your doorstep? We’re proud to be your local art gallery in Bromsgrove that showcases local artists from across the West Midlands.

You can come and visit the gallery to see the wonderful art available, and we can even put you in touch with any of the local artists if you want to commission a unique piece.


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